lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

Finally I found something that inspired me.
I will make, well sorry, I'm making a Time Capsule.
Yes, a Time Capsule. I'm writting it right now and it will contain pictures, memories and all that thing that I'm sure i wanna to remember in a future time.

The idea nice me when i found a video of "charlieissocoollike" doing it, but he's a video bloger boy, so that it's such a bit different but anyways it nice me enough.

I didn't finish it, and I'm considering the possibility that it maybe will take me some days to finish it and keep it over for a long time, till I reach 30 or I get married.

The idea, I think, it's very cool, and when I grow up enough, I'm sure it will serve me as a source of information and to remember my teenage days.

So, i hope don't look like a fool. lol
Wit hno regrets


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