jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010


What's the sense of all this??
A non-understanding world, with a non-understanding person.
A FUCKING one that fuck you up and put your mood down, and others that help' em.
A depress that bore a hole inside you, something that doesn't allow you even try.
That takes you away every wish you have, and something that don't let you be.
'Cause world's injust most of the time.
Despite you attitude, it will always going to be someone or some stuff that fuck you!
That fucked your plans up. Injusticely.

They don't even know anything about me, and they still saying nonsenses, false thing. False thoughts, things that I never done or thoughts I would never think.
False stuff about myself, about what I am like. About what I want or what I need.
It's such a shame all that people that don't even think, that believe what they want to believe of me and don't really know me.

It's such a shame all the things we have lost due to the ignorance.
Human is ignorant by principle.

Being here i'm feeling as if I would stuck. Without scaping.
Trapped, in this miserable world, with some people without mercy.

But I will laugh latest.
Of all the shit they have created, and they couldn't control.

I will laugh latest.


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