domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

in love with the life...

I'm in love, in love with the life. This feeling of happiness that through all my body, that make me sing, make me smile, make me feel so good.
I don't know what could have made this, but whatever it was, is making me live laughing and with pleasure everyday.

So, I guess, I'm starting living happy my present time, without worry so much about my far future, or trying to don't get stress.
It's cool to find a rest time, even on school days, some relaxing hours, to enjoy myself and give thanks of everything I have got.
I realised Jesus is my friend. And that I don't need to much to be happy.

All this time trying to go otherside else, a short or far journey with friends, when I found that in this town of underworld and so hateful, (due to is awful, small and well, is no a city), I could have fun (unless once) in the afternoon, without drinking alcohol or taking drogs as a lot of teenagers do, just drinking orange juice and swining, after the twilight time, listening to hardcore music..
Yes, I admit it, maybe we're such a big old to swing, but, WTF? In my life have pass a long time since I didn't have fun in this way and IN THE FUCKING TOWN THAT I AM LIVING IN!

If I explote, all around me will be full of colorful buterflyes, with the bird's singing and with a lot of smiles, worringless, and giving happyness for people.

But of course, I still need to manage my will, malke it grow.
So, during the process, I think there is a lot of things to learn.

After all, is LIFE what we ought to live =D


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