martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

Wow hace más de una año y medio que no actualizo. 

Tengo tantas cosas en mi cabeza. Y aveces se me viene a la memoria compartirlas en este blog. Perdón por colgarme y dejarlas desvanecer en mi mente. Prometo ser más constante de ahora en más.

reflexión de tarde invernal, luego de un fin de semana de CALOR intenso, hoy volvió el frío, el día gris y triste.-

"One of the things I love the most about myself, is when I am ALONE, completely alone, and feel so cool with it.
When I don´t have the NEED of calling anyone, because I´m free to enjoy that time with myself.
And that is the moment, I feel all GROWN UP, madure, strong, and PROUD of myself due to that, 'cos I accomplished that state of being alone, in a house or a flat, in a room, in such a space, and I like to think, to be sit doing nothing but enjoying how wonderfull is to be ALIVE. Enjoying the comfort of the home and my own company, wich, sometimes it comes difficult due to all the thoughts that shoot in my head.

So, I love to enjoy thoose moments, because I know, they're not ETERNAL, and I don't always feel like that, sometimes is low, sad, ALONE, you know, alone! and is a misery. Or just bored. 
But when the moment that I figured out how to spend the time with myself living it so happyly, I feel full, free, in peace.

Does  anyone feel the same?

I have to admit, sometimes, I am ppl dependant.



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